Friday, December 30, 2011

Bevy of Bohemians II: Victor Sinclair's Finest

This sampler was purchased from at a price of  $19.95. It contains 10 well presented handmade cigars in a Spanish cedar box from Victor Sinclair.

The first stick I chose from the sampler was the Connecticut Yankee. This cigar with a dark Connecticut wrapper turned out to be an immediate winner. This cigar was very tasty with hints of chocolate and coffee, with a very easy draw that stayed cool down to a 1" nub. This is perhaps the best tasting cigar I have ever smoked and I will be buying more of these since that online price is just over $2.50 per stick.

The second stick smoked was the Bohemian Red with a Corojo wrapper. This was by far the easiest lighting cigar that I have ever smoked. It was mild and pleasant smoke but had a bit of an uneven burn rate. Overall this was a very nice cigar that was easy to light, had a great draw and stayed cool down to a 1" nub. This cigar would make a good addition to any humidor retailing in mail order packs of 10 for $5.70 per stick.

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