Monday, January 30, 2012

Alec Bradley Black Market Churchill

Wrapper: Nicaraguan maduro
Binder: Sumatra 
Filler: Four country blend 
Size:  Churchill 
Length: 7
Ring Gauge: 50 
Price: $7.39 
Beverage: Diet Pepsi 
Smoking time: 1 hour 20 min.
Humidor time: 7 days 
Purchased: Local Shop

 This was one nice looking stick. The dark maduro wrapper had only one small vein and it had a very rich looking oily sheen. Rolling it between my fingers, it was firm, but not hard.

Pre-light: I have wanted to try this cigar for some time now but had not had the chance to pick one up, when I found one at tobacco, beer and more the other day I jumped on it, but wanting to give it a fair shake, I put it in the humidor for a week. I was a bit surprise that it didn't have a stronger cold aroma or taste, but there was a definite nutty chocolate taste and aroma. I clipped the end and found the cold draw just a tad bit tight, but it was acceptable.

First third: As I lit this cigar two things jumped out at me, the vast amount of nice white smoke it produced and the nice mellow nutty chocolate flavor that was filling my mouth, it wasn't quite my favorite scalded mocha, but it was very tasty. The smoke filled the room with a very pleasant nutty tobacco aroma.

Middle: I bumped the ash at about and inch and a half like normal, so I don't make a mess, but it was firm and a mottled white, light grey mix. Here the cigar picked up a slight, but pleasant amount of white pepper. The burn was off a bit by this point, but nothing to be concerned about.

 In the final third a nice earthiness joined the flavor mix and the burn had corrected itself. With about two inches yet to go the flavor changed to my favorite scaled mocha that I yearn for from a maduro and let me tell you, I am loving this cigar! 

Overall: Other than the burn being off a slight amount there was just nothing negative about this was a just a great smoke and I will pick up a few more. However, this is getting pretty tough and I think I need some type of number system to keep track of things. The Black Market was right in there with the Nub and the Brazilia so I will split the difference and put it at number five!

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  1. One of my current AB faves, on par with the AB Tempus Terra Novo. I've never tried the churchill vitola yet, but I have reviewed the Black Market Robusto version.