Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy but exciting week ahead.

Like the headline says, it's a busy, but very exciting week ahead. @AKACigars is holding a week long contest and will join #CigarChat this week. You can get all the details about this from Or you can follow @RobbyRasReviews on twitter for all the latest contest information. The there will be more great conversations with @LoganatDell and @CigarInsights. Follow these guys, they are great people and are not afraid to share what they have learned about cigars.

I have a fantastic looking cigar to that will be reviewed tomorrow, the Toro y Leon Habano Claro No.2 Torpedo which you can learn more about at I am super excited to smoke this cigar so stop by their site take a look.

Then coming up in the reviews are more easy on the budget Victor Sinclair sticks, the mighty 6 x 60 My UZI Weighs a Ton Toro and a Brick House Toro and maybe even something from My Father.

So stay tuned and join in on the fun! 

Thank you for your continued support!

CigarDan (Dan Gumm)

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  1. Thanks for the mention Dan! And my offer still stands whenever you're in the Portland area. ;)