Monday, January 16, 2012

Cuban Delights Churchill

Wrapper: Natural
Filler: Dominican; long and short
Size: Churchill 50 x 7
Price: $1.00 
Beverage: Diet Pepsi 
Smoking time 1 hr.
Humidor time: 5 days

After a few days in the humidor to even out a bit this is the first selection from the Cigars International "Po' Boys II" sampler. This is a nice looking, firm, well constructed stick but it only has trace amounts of oak as the cold aroma, the wrapper had a very slight sweetness to it and the cold draw was even and light as were the flavors.
Lighting the cigar was a snap and the initial flavor and aroma was that of toasted oak, in fact the flavor remained fairly constant the entire length of the cigar. Around the final third the burn took off a bit but it soon corrected itself without my intervention. This cigar lacked any flavor complexities but at the same time the nice even flavor never became bitter or harsh. 
Over all this was a nice, mild, pleasant smoking cigar that would be good for mowing the lawn, working on the car or even out fishing (I can actually picture myself waist deep in a river casting a fly while puffing on this stick and if I got excited and dropped it with a fish on, nothing lost). At a buck each, this was just a nice easy smoking every day type cigar that I don't think you can go wrong on.

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