Sunday, January 8, 2012

Don Chuchu Churchill Sumatra

The second choice from the 5 Don's sampler was the Don Chuchu Churchill Sumatra. The cold aroma had a slight hint of oak and spice and the wrapper had a nice light sweetness. On the cold draw I could still taste the hint of spice and oak, plus the sweetness of the wrapper and the cigar had a nice easy draw.
Once lit this mild cigar it had the same hint of spice and oak, only it intensified a bit and that remained constant until about the half way point, so did the even burn rate. Near the half way point the cigar developed a bitter bite and the burn ran down one side about a quarter of an iinch. This bitterness did quickly pass and a nice creamy sweetness jumped in. In the final two inches a stronger earthiness developed, but the cigar remained cool clear to the end.
Over all this was a nice very nice cigar, and even better it was only a buck when purchased in the sampler. I did find these online for about $2.20 per stick in a ten pack. I am happy there are three more of these to enjoy in this sampler, which so far has been two for two in the win column. 

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