Friday, January 6, 2012

Don Elias Dominican Churchill

I purchased the 5 Don's sampler from Thompson Cigar and they arrived yesterday, while they looked like they needed a bit of humidor time I just couldn't wait to break into these since they were only $1 per stick and the fact that I am getting low on the Man O War's and Bohemians.
I just closed my eyes and grabbed one of the twenty at random and the first winner was--the Don Elias Churchill with a natural wrapper. The initial aroma and the cold draw on this cigar reminded me of the Te-Amo's I used to purchase by the bundle years ago. Once this easy lighting cigar was lit, I was instantly reminded of the Te-Amo. This cigar did have a bit more texture to the wrapper then the old Te-Amos and it appeared a bit thicker, but the spicy, earthy flavor was a match to those cigars of days long gone.
At about the one third point the cigar delivered a bitter bite for about a minute, once that passed a nice sweetness poked through and developed. Then at the two thirds area it happened again, but once the bitterness passed the sweetness came right back.
As you can see in the top picture there is a small nick in the wrapper just below the ring that started to open up once the half way point was reached. By the time the cigar had reached the tear it was unraveling. The cigar had a great draw the entire length and burned with a marbled light and dark gray ash that held to the half way point, where also the uneven burn evened out.
To sum things up, for a buck per stick this was a fantastic cigar and I am happy to have three more Don Elias to smoke. This cigar beat and convenience store machine made in flavor, quality, price and appearance. At $1.00 per stick in this sampler or $2.32 per stick in boxes of 25 from Thompson, sure it's defiantly not a Victor Sinclair or a Man O" War, but for the price you can't beat this one for an every day smoker and I am defiantly looking forward to the other offerings this sampler contains.

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