Monday, January 2, 2012

Man O' War Ruination

Since my bohemian sampler appears to need a bit more humidor time to cure the wrapper self destruction, today's first selection was another fine stick from CI's Man O' War box-pressed sampler, the Ruination. This cigar started out with a bang of flavor, spice and a hint of chocolate and a very pleasant aroma, according to my wife. As with the others from this sampler, it was a well constructed cigar, no soft spots, easy to light, nice easy draw and a very even burn rate.
The only real downside to this cigar is the price. These can be purchased by the box for around $7.00 per stick from CI so it's a bit out of my price range unless it can be purchased in a sampler.

As I said before this cigar started out about medium in the flavor range and by the time the final 1" was reached it had developed into full bodied smoke with mainly an earthy flavor that found it a little strong for my taste. However as with all the other Man O' War's reviewed here if you like your smoke on the stronger side you can't go wrong with these.

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  1. Great review. To date the Ruination is my favorite cigar. I love the full body and how it builds all the way until the end. The best price I have found on them was at CI using Joe's Daily. They were $39.99 for 10 making them $4 a stick which is about 50% of normal retail. I love the cigar, but not that much to pay retail. BTW, love your blog and the concept. Keep the good reviews coming!!