Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nub Maduro - Revised

Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 460
Length: 4
Ring Gauge: 60
Price: $8.79
Beverage: Diet Pepsi 
Smoking time: 1Hour 5 Min.
Humidor time: 7 days 
Purchased: Local shop

 There really is not much to say here other than the construction was simply flawless! There was one very small vein running down the side and the cigar was firm, but not too firm the entire length. It was just one great looking stick.

Pre-light: Being wrapped in Brazilian Maduro, I was expecting notes of chocolate and let me tell you this cigar Just screams chocolate. The cold aroma of the wrapper was pure chocolate, the foot was chocolate with a touch of spice thrown in and the cold draw had the same flavor mix as the aroma radiating from the foot. I was a bit disappointed that the cap did not have the  flavor that I was expecting, but there was at least a small amount of chocolate. Being a 60 ring cigar I was a bit hesitant to use a punch, but I like punched cigars so much I gave it a try anyway. The punch worked fine and the draw was flawless.

First third: Lighting the Nub was a breeze and even the aroma from the smoke had notes of chocolate mixed with tobacco. Some of the reviews I had read said the Nub had "slap you in the face strength", so after the first few puffs I was actually surprised because I thought it was on the mild side. The flavor mix was chocolate, tobacco and slight hint of sweet spice.

Middle: By the mid point the strength had increased a bit but I still couldn't say it was above medium and the flavor mix remained basically the same with maybe a bit more front-of-the-tongue spice. However right about here is where things started to go south.
Even though the ash was still holding tight, the  wrapper for no apparent reason went into self destruct mode, cracking and peeling in several spots around the entire cigar and the burn was off over 1/4 inch in places.

 Soon after I took the picture the ash feel and reveled the answers to my questions about the self destruction. The center of the cigar had burned almost 1/2 inch deeper than the outside had. I have to surmise this brought on by using a punch instead of a cutter on such a large stick leading to more air flow down the center causing the bad burn. Both the flavor and the strength remained the same as the cigar finished up.

Overall: Even with the problems caused by using a punch this was a really nice cigar. I would however been happier with a bit more strength and more flavor from the wrapper, which really didn't build as with other maduro's I have smoked. I am placing this cigar at number four for the year.
I considered not posting this review since I screwed it up, but I am posting it so that perhaps someone else can learn from my mistakes.

Second stick revision: I picked up another one of these today because I wanted to give it an honest evaluation.  This time around I used my double guillotine cutter and made a full cut on the cap. To begin with this stick was perfect, but once I reached the mid point it did exactly the same thing. The cigar started burning in the middle causing the cigar to swell and thus splitting the wrapper. I guess it wasn't the punch after all. Since this happened two sticks in a row I am dropping this cigar to ten in the cheers list due to what I think are construction problems and make finishing the last half of these sticks a royal pain.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the comments. I had the Cameroon Nub, and it burned great today! I will check each of those Maduro sticks with our supplier on Monday. Somethings not right with that box! Thank you for your input!