Friday, January 27, 2012

SIGLO Limited Reserve VII Natural

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Cubano Natural
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Honduran and Nicaraguan
Size: VII - Churchill
Length: 7
Ring Gauge: 48
Price: $7.39

 The SIGLO appears to be a well constructed stick with only one medium and one fine vein within the wrapper. The feel was firm but not hard and there were no soft spots. With the bright yellow band it was just one good looking, well presented cigar.

Pre-light: The natural wrapper had a nice strong aroma of earth, oak and leather, the aroma from the foot was nearly the same with a bit peppery spice thrown in. Tasting the cap was a bit disappointing since it was nearly tasteless, but after punching a hole the easy cold draw had the same nice flavors that came from the foot.

First third: After putting a torch to this baby I was impressed with the mild/medium flavor that just roared out filling my mouth and enveloping my pallet as well as the room-filling cloud of white smoke it produced (which by the way, my wife said smelled like ass). The flavor mix was a sweet mix of earth and leather that was quite nice on the tongue and the pallet. As time passed the straight-as-an-arrow burn produced a nice light grey ash that actually caught me off guard by falling at about the one inch mark and making a mess on the table.

Middle: Once the burn had almost reached the mid point there were several puffs of a bitter pepper taste but that soon passed and a nice note of molasses like sweetness developed. The burn remained true and the wrapper held up well.

 Surprisingly the nice flavor profile that developed at the mid point stayed until the very end as did the even burn rate. The cigar's strength had built to medium by this point giving this Churchill a very nice finish.

Overall: I really enjoyed this cigar for the smoothness of its nice earthy flavor mix, the medium body that developed and the loads of billowing smoke that is produced. If I can catch this stick on sale I will load my humidor up. This stick earned the number four spot on my cheers list!

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