Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today's News

Well I don't have a cigar review yet today, but the good news is; my new humidor is up to humidity and fully stocked. Once it's stabilized again after filling it nearly to the brim, I will post a full review on it too. 
Here is the down and dirty on the humidor; it's a beast, it's beautiful, but it's still a beast! I purchased this as a package from Thompson Cigar for $119 which includes the 125 count glass top humidor with a digital external display, 60 green label Corona's and a three count pocket case. The coronas aren't really my cup of tea, but hey, they came with the humidor and the normal price tag for just the humidor is $125. Once they get a chance to stabilize for a while I'll review them and publish what I find out here for everyone.
There are a ton of reviews yet to come in the next couple of weeks since I have a ton of cigars to review. I am currently backlogged with CI's Po' boy II sampler, the Victor Sinclair Power House 16 sampler and the green label coronas from Thompson plus the last stick from the Honduran Cigar Lovers Diary from Holt's.

Read the full review on my main website:

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