Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This is another well constructed stick from the Victor Sinclair Bohemian sampler that comes wrapped in a very nice looking, dark, oily maduro wrapper. Being a fan of the sweet and chocolate flavors that maduro wrappers normally deliver I was excited to give this stick a try.
Before lighting this one  up it had a great spicy aroma and the end cap had a nice hint of chocolate. Lighting this cigar was a breeze just like the other cigars in this sampler and it had a nice easy draw to it. Upon lighting this cigar the initial aroma carried hints of smoke and oak with the first flavors being spice and oak. This cigar is marketed as medium but I found after the first inch that it was rather full flavored and really lacked the nice chocolate sweetness that I have come to enjoy with most maduro wrapped cigars. By the half way point the cigar had already become one of the fullest bodied cigars I have ever smoked and was much stronger than I enjoy. I had a hard time pinning down the flavors, but a hint of oak, earth and charcoal may be the best description. These were hard to chase down outside the sampler packs but I did manage to find them in 5 packs for around $6.00 per stick or as seconds in bundles of 20 for about $1,75 per stick which is a real bargain if you like robust flavor and a maduro wrapper.

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  1. I respect your opinion. However, these had to be some of the worst smelling, worst burning, worst tasting, horrible sticks I've ever had. Smelled like wax burning, spewed awful black and gray smoke from the end in between puffs, and generally was a terrible experience. I ended up sending both bundles back to CI.