Saturday, January 7, 2012

Victor Sinclair 55 Yellow Label Cameroon

This was another fine cigar from the Bohemian sampler from CI. The cold aroma on this cigar was a light mix of oak and spice, the cold draw had a great deal more spice than oak and the wrapper had a light sweetness to it. 
Again this was an easy lighting cigar with a nice easy draw and a very even burn rate. The first third had a nice light flavor mix of spice and oak that actually continued on until the two thirds point where the spice and oak quickly diminished only to be replaced with a nice combination of creamy sweetness and earthiness that made this cigar finish with a bang.

I was able to find these in 5 packs of Churchills for $6.00 per stick making them one of the more expensive sticks in the Bohemian sampler.

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