Sunday, January 29, 2012

Victor Sinclair Connecticut Churchill

Wrapper:Connecticut shade grown
Filler: Blend of Cuban seed
Size:  Churchill 
Length: 7
Ring Gauge: 50 
Price: $1.00 Retail: $2.00  
Beverage: Diet Pepsi 
Smoking time: 1Hour 
Humidor time: 14 days 
Purchased: Po' boys II sampler

Pre-light: To begin this was a fairly nice looking stick with a nice solid shade grown wrapper that had only a few smaller veins and no breaks or tears or soft spots. There was not  much of a cold aroma from the body or the foot and the cap had only a hint of sweetness.

First third: The first two or three puffs were loaded with pepper that hit right on the end of the tongue but that flavor quickly went away and was replaced by a nice mild slightly sweet tobacco   taste. The burn was a little off during the first third but by the mid point it had evened out and was dead on.

Middle: At the mid point the flavor had turned to more of a sweet cream flavor that was very nice, the wrapper had developed a sweeter taste that mixed nicely with Diet Pepsi and the body had shifted more toward a medium strength.

 At the end a bit more pepper developed but it wasn't so strong that it was problem. The burn remained straight, no wrapper problems developed and it smoked cool to the end.

Overall: This was just a super everyday smoke for a buck. I am putting this at number 6 on the $3.00 and under list. I don't think you can go wrong on this one.

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