Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Victor Sinclair Legacy Box Pressed

Wrapper: Connecticut
Filler: Nicaragua Viso, Olor and Criollo 98 Dominican Rep.
Size: Churchill 50 x 7
Price: $1.25 Replacement cost $3.00
Beverage: Diet Pepsi 
Smoking time: 1 Hr. 30 Min.
Humidor time: 6 days

This was another selection from the "Power House 16" sampler by Thompson Cigar. The cigar was hefty and well constructed with an nice dark oily wrapper and no soft spots.When smelling the wrapper I was immediately surprised with a nice mild dark chocolate aroma, the same flavor appeared when tasting the end cap, while the cold draw produced the same dark chocolate flavor there was a hint of spice mixed in. The cold draw was a bit firm but still well within the acceptable range to be an enjoyable smoke.

Lighting this cigar proved to be an easy and rewarding task as the aroma it produced reminded me of toast, coffee and chocolate, the first draw also rewarded me with a mouth full of nice sweet dark chocolate tasting smoke that sat well on the pallet. These flavors remained constant for the first third of the cigar, but this stick did develop an uneven burn that corrected itself by the cigar's mid point.
During the second third the flavor shifted a bit loosing some of the spice while at the same time a creamy sweetness entered into the mix as the intensity of the chocolate increased making this cigar medium bodied. As the burn neared the final third a nice mellow earthiness developed giving this stick a flavor reminding me of a near scalded mocha that I found to be rather pleasant.
This cigar finished right down to the end with no bitterness or harshness at all and the burn problems in the first third of the cigar never reappeared. Overall I found this to be a very enjoyable and rewarding smoke that I would purchase again.

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