Monday, January 30, 2012

Victor Sinclair Primeros Churchill

Wrapper:Connecticut shade grown
Filler: Dominican 
Size:  Churchill 
Length: 7
Ring Gauge: 50 
Price: $1.00 Retail: $3.25  
Beverage: Diet Pepsi 
Smoking time: 1Hour 5 min.
Humidor time: 15 days 
Purchased: Po' boys II sampler

Pre-light: This was a bit of a rough looking stick, there were a couple small holes in the wrapper and it was heavily veined on one side. The cold aroma from the wrapper had a very slight nuttiness to it as did the foot, only a bit stronger and the cap was nearly tasteless. 

First third: Once it was going the near perfect draw yielded a nice amount of smoke with a nutty tobacco aroma and the flavor mix was nuts and pepper, but a pleasant pepper, not the tongue burning type. The ash is a very firm white, which I knocked at about the one and a half inch mark, but it probably would have held longer.

Middle: Into the second third a bit of nice creaminess developed adding nicely to the already present flavors. So far the burn was dead on and none of the pin holes in the wrapper have been a problem.

 The last pin hole finally turned into a large wrapper spit but I was able to smoke right through it with no ill effects. A bit of earth did enter into the flavor mix at the end.

Overall: I'm a bit unsure about this cigar, the construction was OK, the flavor was OK, so I guess that means it was an OK cigar but it lacked the flavor pop I look for so even though this stick is $3.25 retail I am placing it at number ten on the $3.00 cheers list. It's good mild cigar.

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