Sunday, January 15, 2012

Warlock Robusto

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano 
Filler: Nicaraguan and Dominican
Size: Robusto 54 x 4.75
Price: $7.60
Beverage: Diet Pepsi w/lemon wedge
Smoking time 1hr. 20 min.
Humidor time: 24 hours

With the release of Cigar Aficionado Magazine's top 25 cigars 2011, I decided to break from my normal pattern of buying my cigars as samplers from one of the great online retailers and took a trip to the local cigar store, Spokane Cigar Shop, to find a couple sticks the made this list. Well I achieved success and found the Warlock Robusto, CA's number nine pick.

Construction for this stick was spot on, the dark Habano wrapper was flawless, the stick was firm with no soft spots and the cold aroma it gave of was a combination of nuts and mocha and the end cap tasted of the same flavors. Once the end was clipped off the cold draw had slightly stronger hints of the same nutty, mocha flavors and the cigar had a nice easy draw.
Once it was toasted and lit the first puff provided a stronger version of the same flavors that pleasantly lingered on the pallet and the aroma from the cigar was of toasted nuts. As the first third turned to a nice firm light gray ash a creaminess developed into the flavor mix. I tipped the ash at about the two inch mark (I'm sure it would have held much longer), and the ash was so firm I could feel it snap as it broke free.
These flavors remained fairly constant and only developing fuller in flavor until the final third where some of the mocha gave way a bit to a nice earthiness. Right at the end, you know the point where your fingers are burning because you want it to last forever?  I was hit with a final bang of chocolate that gave this cigar a fantastic finish. 
Overall this was a fantastic cigar that had absolutely no bitterness, bite or harshness right down to the last three quarters of an inch. If I had a rating system, this would certainly be the highest rated stick I have ever smoked and it moves to my new number one!

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