Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top 15 Cigars Smoked in 2012

The Cigars that made my top 15 list may not have all been released in 2012 but I smoked and enjoyed them all for the first time in 2012.

If you have not tried any of these cigars, I think you are missing out on some sweet sticks!

Cuban Stock Extra Bomba
Cuban Stock Extra Torpedo
CroMagnon Mandible
AKA Respect Anchors Away
AKA Solace
Alec Bradley MAXX -The Culture
Cuban Stock 231 Rockhill - D.Robusto
Grimalkin Robusto by Emilio Cigars
Cuban Stock Cigars Exquisito Double Capa
Cuban Stock Triumph – Torpedo
Cuban Stock Royal Selection Box-pressed Robusto #4
Gurkha Black Dragon Fury Nublizer
Padilla Miami Oscuro Limitado Robusto
Warlock Robusto
AKA Hybrid – Advanced Brain Stimulation – Corona

I know 2013 will be an even better year! I also have some exciting stuff in the works and it should be unfolding soon.
Stay tuned.....

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