Thursday, September 12, 2013

AKA Cigars Nth Degree Robusto

Right after IPCPR, Jay Lundy from AKA Cigars sent me some pre-release samples of their newest cigar the "Nth Degree". This is there first cigar that comes with a maduro wrapper and I am super excited to give it a try. To put it frankly, to date I love every cigar in AKA's lineup. They all have top notch construction, flavor and burn. I bet they don't let me down.
Quick Details
  • Cigar Size: Infinite : Robusto 5.5 x50
  • Wrapper:  San Andreas Broadleaf
  • Binder: Dominican
  • Filler: Dominican, Honduran, Peruvian
  • Price: $8.25  Pre-release sample provided by AKA Cigars

AKA Nth Degree
Construction: This is one great looking stick. The light blue and silver double band contrasts nicely against the toothy, broadleaf maduro wrapper and should make it a standout on cigar store shelves. Once again AKA has hit the construction dead-on. The cigar is packed what seems to be just right, I found no hard or soft spots and the wrapper contains only the smallest of veins. The cold aroma from the wrapper reminds me of a chocolate mocha and I found the same flavor notes from the foot. Once the end was cut with my trusty V cutter I found the cold draw perfect and it had the same nice chocolate mocha flavor, plus the wrapper had a nice sweetness to it. OK, here we go!

Smoking experience: Once I had the cigar toasted and lit, I was surprised that the same flavors found in the cold draw were present in the first few puffs, then quickly an underlying earthiness developed followed by Oak then a hint of black pepper then right back to the chocolate mocha. Wow, all of this in the first 1/4 inch! About an inch into the cigar the earthiness and oak began to come back but this time with just a hint of leather The burn produced a nice volume of oak and tobacco scented smoke. The burn line  so far was just a bit jagged but no where close to needing correction and it left behind a flakey light gray ash that held on until I removed the lower band.
AKA Nth Degree Cigar
By the mid point of the cigar the mocha was coming back into play creating an earthy, mocha flavor mix which I was really enjoying. The flavor mix remained constant until the final third where a bit of charcoal developed. Now, if you have read any other of my reviews you will know that I call this burnt mocha and it's my favorite flavor mix in a cigar. As the burn crept toward the nub a bit of earth came back again then back then once again the flavor shifted to straight burnt mocha, finishing out the flavor profile.

Final Thoughts: To sum things up, this is one of the most complex cigars I have ever put a match too and AKA Cigars has put out another winner! Everything AKA produces is top notch in construction, flavor and smoke-ability. The Nth degree is no exception to this rule and it's a great addition to their product line. If you are not smoking AKA cigars, you are missing out!

Appearance and construction: 19
Flavor: 19
Smoking characteristics: 19
Overall experience: 19
Purchased Price: 18
Total 94

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