Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mac Baren Black Ambrosia Pipe Tobacco

Mac Baren Black Ambrosia

Tobacco Mixture: Modern Mac Baren Cavendish, loose cut bright Virginia and fruit oils. The exact mixture is a Mac Baren secret.

Black Ambrosia
I've been an off and on again pipe smoker for the last 35 years, but this is my first review so please don't be to critical.

There are two things I have always looked for when choosing a new tobacco, lots of flavor, high room notes, and no bite. There is not much difference in my tastes between cigars and pipe tobacco, I don't like my tongue being burned, either with pepper or bite.

Thirty years ago I found two blends that fit this bill, one was a cherry flavored mixture that I picked up in Portland OR, the other was called Snowberry purchased here in Spokane WA. I have no idea really how they were blended, I just liked the way they smoked and tasted. I liked them both so much that I picked up a pound of each; but at last they are gone and both shops where they were purchased are also long gone. This left me on a quest to find another suitable blend and where this tale begins...

I spent quite a bit of time reading about different tobaccos and blends when I happened upon the Mac Baren web site. After reading about their different products I was about ready to order a gold cube. Before I had the chance to place that order I stopped in to a local shop that I had not been to before and found Black Ambrosia in bulk. I picked up a couple ounces and headed home with an excited grin on my face anxious to give my new treasure a try.

Mac Baren-black-ambrosia
Smoking Experience: Once home I was in a hurry to try out a bowl of this  new tobacco so I grabbed my 30 year old Jobi pipe, packed the bowl and lit it up. When I first opened the bag I was hit by a rush of vanilla. The aroma radiating from the bag was fantastic. The tobacco was moist, but not to moist and it packed easily into the bowl. I used a match and it took to the flame quite well and the first few draws were cool and flavorful. I was able to easily keep this bowl burning with one tap and a tamp. Toward the half way point it did pick up some heat and some bite, but it was tolerable.

Overall I found this to be a nice tobacco that I will continue to smoke, but it is by no means another perfect blend for me.

Bite: 1
Flavor: 3
Strength: 2
Room note: 5

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