Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cult Blood Red Moon Mini Perfecto

I've smoked a couple cigars from CULT Cigars the past few months but didn't have time to review them (they are on the to-do list). So when the guys at Cigar Train shared with me that other locals have been reporting that these small Blood Red Moon cigars packed a lot of flavor in a small package,I decided that was all the encouragement I needed to pick up a 5 pack and give them for myself.

This is my last stick from the 5 pack I purchased so I figured that I had better take notes and do a review this time. Looking at The Blood Red Moon it,s a well made mini perfecto. Feeling down the body I found the Blood Red Moon is packed well and there were no soft spots. The wrapper looks nice and contains only the finest of veins. Clipping off the end I found a firm, but free cold draw with flavor notes of black pepper and fruit.

Since this is a mini perfecto toasting the foot and lighting the cigar was a breeze. From the first few draws I tasted flavor notes of earth, oak, toast and tree fruit from this medium body stick. The clean burn line left behind a light and dark gray striped ash that held until the mid point. By the mid point the flavor mix shifted to a blend of light black pepper and oak, while at the same time the strength had moved more into the full range. Into the final third, which doesn't leave much in a mini perfecto, the red pepper hit. In the beginning the red pepper was mild but after several puffs it increased to tongue burning strength and I was done.

Over all the Blood Red Moon is a well made, high quality cigar. I am not a fan of red pepper at all so I left a bit of this cigar in the ashtray but, until that point it was a very enjoyable smoke that took longer to smoke than you would think for it's size.

Total: 91

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