Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dominican Bani #Coffee Review

This sample of Dominican Bani coffee was provided by Milton Made Coffee in Folkston, GA. Milton Made Coffee specializes in small batch roasting of organic coffees from around the world.
  • Dominican Bani Fair Trade, Organic Certified.
  • Roasted and certified by @BaristaOnDuty
  • 6 oz. bag yields approximately 22 cups.
Dominican Bani Coffee
When I opened the bag, as usual the first thing I noticed was the oil seeping from nearly every bean. The second thing of interest was the whole beans had a nice rich mocha aroma rising from the bag. Once the beans were ground the mocha aroma was even more pronounced. As boiling water was added to the ground beans in the press, the aroma from the Dominican Bani changed to more of a toast and mocha combination that reminded me of nice maduro wrapped cigar.

On the first sip I was expecting to taste that rich, robust maduro cigar that the coffee's aroma had put in  my mind, but to my surprise that's not what I found. The first sip actually took me a bit off guard. I found the first sip to be brisk, light, crisp coffee with perhaps a hint of sweet, but tart citrus on top. It was a very pleasant surprise. However, after a few sips of the steaming hot brew I did find that the Dominican Bani left behind a light maduro cigar aftertaste of toasted mocha that I found quite pleasant.

Like every batch from my press the second cup was a bit bolder and a bit more robust but it still carried the same refreshing flavor profile. I didn't smoke a cigar with this batch but I think this Dominican Bani would match well with a mild Connecticut cigar by bringing out the mild nuances of the cigar and the bolder flavors of the coffee. I am already looking forward to brewing another batch!

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