Friday, November 1, 2013

How to smoke a pipe: Part III How many pipes?

Written by: Pipe Tobacco Place

That's a question that only you can answer but there are a few factors that you should consider when deciding the number of tobacco pipes you will have in your collection.

How often do you smoke? What type of tobacco do you smoke? Is it a fairly moist aromatic blend? Do you encounter a wet smoke or a dry smoke? Do you smoke the same tobacco?

Generally, you should allow your pipe to dry for two hours after smoking to allow it to cool down and dry out. If you're smoking the same pipe less than two hours after smoking it previously, then you should consider adding another pipe to your rotation.

If you smoke different types of tobacco, then you might consider dedicating a pipe to each particular type of tobacco.

Although briar is dense it is still somewhat porous, and some of the resins from your tobacco will seep inside the wood and have an effect on the taste of your tobacco.

Would you like that aromatic blend that you smoked six months ago affect the taste of the new English blend you've been savoring? If not, then you need another pipe.

Some folks prefer a seven-day rotation, setting aside one pipe to smoke for each day of the week. That works fine if all you smoke is one bowl a day but if you enjoy your pipe more often than that, then you should consider adding even more.

Eventually, your pipe smoking may even become a pipe collecting hobby that will lead you to participate in a local pipe club to meet other pipe enthusiasts and attend shows to see rare beauties to add to your collection.

There are tobacco pipes available for all budgets so let your pipe smoking lead you into an exciting new hobby and have fun!

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