Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Humi-Care HX10 Rectangle Humidifier

Earlier in the week I posted an article about removing mold from a humidor. In that article I mentioned that I replaced all the humidification devices that were in with the mold. The main reason the mold problem occurred is the rectangle humidifier that came stock with my humidor would not stick to the lid so I had it resting against a lower partition and it fell over landing on the face trapping air and moisture resulting in mold.
In my other humidor I already have a third party replacement rectangle humidifier, but like the stock units it won't stay attached to the lid. I will review that humidifier here in the near future.
Quick Details
  • Humi-Care HX10 Rectangle Humidifier
  • Dimensions: 6.5" x 2.5" x .75"
  • Crystals containing propylene glycol
  • Price: $14.95 - $20.00 retail
Humi-care humidifier
In the past I have read good things about the Humi-Care Rectangle Humidifier so I went on the hunt for this unit. It didn't take long to find one listed in an auction.  I bid on the Humi-Care HX10 Rectangle Humidifier and the next day it was on it's way at a really great price.
Well unpacked this nice looking unit and read the instructions. To my surprise once it had the proper amount of distilled water added into the unit, I was instructed to let it rest for 45 minutes so the crystals could absorb the water. So that's just what i did. I also said turn it off and daub off the excess water after the correct absorption time. When I turn it over a fair amount of unused water poured out even though I had filled it to the recommended level. OK, no big deal really. I took the protective coating of the mounts and stuck it to the inside of the humidor's lid and hoped this one would finally stick.
Well it did stick! Three weeks later it is still attached to the lid and is keeping my 100 count humidor at the proper humidity level.
I'm giving this Humi-Care Rectangle Humidifier a high 9 out of 10 star rating!

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