Friday, November 8, 2013

Sumatra Mandheling Coffee: by Milton Made

In the past my favorite coffees have been Sumatran or Kona blends so when this Sumatra Mandheling coffee arrived from Milton Made Coffee I was pretty excited to throw some in the grinder give it a try.
Here is the description provided by Milton Made Coffee:
  • Semi Washed Sumatra Mandheling DP Grade 1
  • Region: Mandheling North Sumatra
  • Varietals: Ateng, Bergendal and Djember
  • Elevation:1100 – 1300 meter
  • Process: Semi-Washed / Wet Hulled / Sun-dried
Milton Made Sumatra Mandheling Coffee
When the bag was opened could see the oils resting on many of the beans and I was greeted with the deep, rich aroma of coffee and mocha. I grabbed the grinder, poured in the beans and let it rip. Several seconds later that task was done and the ground beans were headed for my French press. The aroma coming from the ground sumatra mandheling coffee was a mix of coffee and toast. I filled the press with boiling water and let it brew while I searched for my Sumatra tiger cup. Yes I know I get a bit odd like that at times, but that's me.  Well time was up and the coffee was ready, as I poured the first cup the aromas of mocha, coffee and toast rose to greet my nose and I could see a nice sheen of oil sitting on the top.

With great anticipation I took the first sips. My initial impressions of this coffee were that it was light, crisp and refreshing, yet it had enough body to make it satisfying and as an added bonus it had pleasant lingering aftertaste. My last cup from this pot is setting about three feet from me, yet I can still smell the fantastic aroma radiating from the cup. From the first to the last cup the flavor remained constant, light mocha and coffee. The last cup is a bit bolder since it has been in the pot longer, but as with any of the other coffees from Miltion Made, there is no bitterness, no acid and no bite at all.

I didn't have time to smoke a cigar with this, but I think this Sumatra Mandheling coffee would pair well with a Connecticut or a maduro wrapped stick. I'll try timing it right with the next pot so I can test that theory.

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