Monday, November 18, 2013

Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo Torpedo

I read quite a few posts where people say, "life is to short to smoke cheap cigars". While that sounds good, I disagree to an extent. My thoughts on this matter are; life is to short to smoke bad cigars! Victor Sinclair produces some, what I think are, great tasting cigars that can be picked up at super low budget prices from time to time. Just because a cigar is low cost doesn't always mean it's cheap. Besides that's what this site is all about. Finding cigars that give you the most bang for your buck. I don't have money to throw away and I bet most of you don't either!

This triple Corojo torpedo from Victor Sinclair is another prime example of a high quality, low cost, great tasting cigar.

Construction of this triple Corojo cigar was nice. The cigar was firm the entire length and the wrapper contained only few smaller veins. Putting the cigar to my nose I detected faint notes of earth and tobacco from the body and the foot. Once the end was clipped the cold draw was firm but not to tight and the flavors again were an earthy tobacco mixture.

Once the triple Corojo was toasted and burning it produced a nice volume of peaty scented smoke and had flavor notes the first third of earth, leather with a touch of brown sugar. Testing the flavors by retro haling,  peat was the primary aroma. The firm looking dark gray ash fell near the 1/3 mark.

Soon after the ash fell the burn started to wander off. Eventually it became so bad that it needed correction. The flavor mixture remained about the same the entire length of the cigar, but the burn continued to plague this stick and once it reached the 2/3 mark it tunneled, so I ditched it.

Overall this medium body cigar had good flavors and construction, but the burn issues became a real problem at the end. I smoke quite a few Victor Sinclair cigars and this burn is abnormal. Perhaps I will update this review after I smoke a couple other sticks from this five pack.

Total: 88

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