Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cigar Mechanic Rectangle Humidifier

When my new humidors arrived they worked perfectly except the stock foam filled rectangle humidifiers. The stock models came with stick on magnetic plates that stuck well to the humidifier, but would not stay attached to the Spanish cedar lined interior of the lid for more than ten minutes. This problem sent me on a mission to find a replacement that would not only stay attached to the lid, but one that was filled with beads or gel instead of foam. After several hours of research I decided upon the Cigar Mechanic rectangle humidifier that use bi-directional Nano-Beads. The bi-directional humidifier in theory will absorb excess humidity or release moisture as needed to keep the humidity level constant.

Quick details:
  • Dimensions: 6 1/2" L x 3 1/2" W x 5/8" H
  • Durable Polystyrene Molded Plastic
  • Stainless Steel Screen
  • Filled with 40 grams of Humidity Beads
  • Tape & Velcro for Easy Attachment
  • Price: $16.99 - $20.99
Cigar Mechanic Rectangle Humidifier
Once the Cigar Mechanic rectangle humidifier arrived I was quite anxious to give it a try. After unpacking the unit, reading the instructions and charging the unit with distilled water it was ready to go. I attached the mounts to the humidor inner lid, the unit attaches to the unit by using sticky Velcro, then attached the humidifier to the mounts. With eager anticipation I closed the lid and waited to see if the Cigar Mechanic rectangle humidifier would stay attached to the lid.
Well, it took less thank five minutes for me to learn the answer to that question. Within the first five minutes I could hear the unit fall and land against the top tray inside. Let me tell you I was extremely disappointed. The tape had unattached itself from the lid allowing the unit to fall. I though that perhaps I had done something wrong so I gave it another try by applying more pressure to the Velcro tape hoping it would stick better. Well that didn't work either. With my head hanging a bit, I ended up placing the new unit in an empty section of the humidor as I had with the OEM unit.
Now don't get me wrong, just because it didn't stick to the lid doesn't mean it's the end for this unit. I have been using it now successfully for over a year and it has been doing a super job of keeping the humidity constant. The  Cigar Mechanic rectangle humidifier is quick and easy to refill. I just submerse the entire unit in distilled water for about a minute or until the beads turn from white to clear, blot off the excess water with a paper towel and drop it back in to it's resting place for another month.
Overall, other than the tape problem, which I think would stick on a plastic coolerdor or tupperdor lid, the unit has worked perfectly and I am going to give it a 7 out of 10 star rating.

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