Thursday, January 23, 2014

1502 Ruby Perfecto Box Pressed

Currently the 1502 Ruby Perfecto is only available at 1502 lounges and this sample was provided by Global Premium Cigars. Can this new vitola deliver the same great flavors as the robusto? Let's find out.
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1502 Ruby Box pressed perfecto Cigar
Like every other cigar from 1502, construction was top-of-the-line. Feeling down the body there were no soft spots, and the oily, toothy, Ecuadorian maduro wrapper was rolled on near seamlessly creating a very nice looking cigar. I clipped the head and a touch off the foot to test the cold aromas and flavors. From the foot I found notes of cocoa and spicy cedar. Testing the cold draw, it was free and contained flavor notes of cocoa, espresso and a touch of black pepper. Since the foot was so small it only took a couple seconds to toast and light.

The first few draws were a mild, smooth and delicious mix of the cocoa, espresso and black pepper, the same mix that I found testing the cold draw. The first thing that really caught my attention was the amount of smoke this cigar produced; had I been indoors it would have already filled a small room. The smoke had an enjoyable sweet oak aroma. I tested the flavors with a retro hale and found mild black pepper mixed with espresso. Deeper into the first third the strength began to increase more into the medium body ranges and notes of leather and molasses took over as the main flavors. The burn left behind a flaky gray ash and a wavy burn line.

As the burn reached the mid section of the cigar the cocoa and espresso flavors came back pushing away the pepper. Just as the burn was beginning to touch the band, the ash finally gave way and fell. At this point the flavors shifted for the final time to a mix of molasses, cocoa, charcoal and espresso creating that "burnt mocha" flavor, that I look for in maduro cigars. This flavor mix created a nice long finish to the nub.

This was another great cigar from 1502 and if you have not tried one yet, in my opinion you are really missing out! I would like to thank Global Premium Cigars for giving me the opportunity to smoke and review this cigar.

Rating: 94

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