Monday, January 27, 2014

H.Upmann Legacy Toro

Just by looking at the wrapper I knew this  H.Upmann Legacy Toro was going to be a great stick. Construction of the cigar from head to foot was flawless, except removing the lower band created a pinhead sized hole the wrapper. The cigar was firmly packed full length, the oily wrapper was put on with near seamless care and contained only the finest of veins.

Checking the aroma from the foot there were notes of spicy cedar and brown sugar, to the  nose and these same flavors were found from the cold draw once the end was clipped.

After toasting and lighting the cigar I was rewarded with a large mouthful of mild, cedar and brown sugar flavored smoke. As the burn progressed through the first third slight flavors of raisin and oak joined in. This cigar was very slow burning and the sharp burn line left behind a soft light gray ash that fell right at the 1/3 mark. There was also an nice oil line that developed on the wrapper just above the burn. Testing the retro hale I found it to be mild and earthy.

Around the mid point a bit of earth and mild black pepper entered into the mix and the strength began building more in the medium range. The pepper didn't last long and it was replaced by notes of leather to finish the cigar off.

This was a nice mild cigar, it was slow burning, had mellow flavors and produced a large volume of smoke. The strength never did get above medium and it was a nice before breakfast cigar. I paired this with both diet Pepsi and coffee and it didn't matter which one I sipped on the flavors of the cigar remained constant.

You can find these on price at $7.00 per single or just $125.99 for a box of 20.

Rating: 93

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