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Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly: By Drew Estate

My Uzi Weighs a Ton - Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly: By Drew Estate and Subculture Studios

This has been a highly anticipated cigar for me to smoke and review. After a long wait the time is finally here!
I couldn't find much blend information on this cigar, however this is what Drew Estate says in their press release; "There is a lot we have experimented with and all shall be revealed in short order, but for now here is a little quote from Nicholas Melillo, Chief of the Broadleafs, “First off, Kentucky Fire Cured is from a stalk-cut tobacco. The initial firing of KFC is done at low heat between 100 F to 115 F degrees and maintained until the color reaches solid brown. Once color is set temperatures increase to 120F- 130F to completely cure down the midrib of the leaf and darken. Once the midrib is dried the temperature will be reduced and the smoke maximized with saw dust to finish the leaf. When KFC hits your olfactory nerve you know it! ”

Quick Details
  • Cigar Size: 5  x 56 Fat Molly
  • Wrapper:  Thick Kentucky Fire Cured leaf - 2 part: Colorado and Maduro Color
  • Factory: Joya de Nicaragua
  • Filler: Not disclosed
  • Cutting Method: Lotus guillotine
  • Paired with: Diet Pepsi
  • Price: $9.99 purchased at Cigar Train

My Uzi Weights A Ton Kentucky Fire Cured
I missed the first arrivals of the Kentucky Fire Cured at Cigar Train and had to wait another week to pick one up. There happened to be one sitting in the box with no cellophane so I check the cold aroma before grabbing mine. That first cigar had a very strong BBQ aroma to it smelling exactly like the Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce I use at home. This created a bit of apprehension on my part toward the flavors mix of the Kentucky Fire Cured cigar, but when I unwrapped mine at home the hickory was no where near as pronounced. That made me pretty happy.

Personally, I like cigars with toothy, heavy wrappers and the KFC really fit the bill. The wrapper was heavy, had surprisingly small veins for the thickness and contained a great deal of tooth. The maduro section above the ring was so toothy it felt like fine sand paper. Feeling down the body of the cigar it was firm the entire length and actually rock hard above the ring but once the end was clipped it didn't hamper the cold draw. Testing the cold draw for flavors I found mainly notes of hickory.

Once the cigar was burning, the first flavors were light black pepper and a semi sweet mixture of hickory, brown sugar and earth. As the cigar burned it produced a nice volume of smoke from both ends that smelled a bit like a camp fire. The clean burn line left behind a light gray flakey ash the held on just a bit past the mid point. In the second half the brown sugar changed to molasses combining again with some mild black pepper and smoky oak to give the KFC a nice long finish.

Overall the Kentucky Fire Cured was a very good cigar and a nice change of pace. It never burned hot or had any tongue burning pepper and it took well over an hour to smoke. Like always I paired this cigar with diet Pepsi and think a nice bold coffee would have been a better choice. If you like them smoky and sweet this will be a great cigar!

Appearance and construction: 19
Flavor: 18
Smoking characteristics: 19
Overall experience: 18
Purchased Price: 18
Total: 92

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