Friday, January 3, 2014

Psyko Seven Toro: Ventura Cigar Company

Psyko Seven Toro: Ventura Cigar Company

Last night while at Cigar Train I grabbed a couple Psyko Seven toros on a whim for something to smoke on the drive home. Let me tell you, it was a great decision. I wondered why Ventura Cigar Company named this cigar the Psyko, but buy the time I had finished the cigar I had a couple of my own ideas why. First, it was a crazy good cigar. Second it drove me nearly Psyko trying to determine all the flavors I experienced. The Ventura Cigar web site says, "medicate your mind with the Psyko Seven". I'm not sure my mind was medicated, but my mind and palate were both stimulated!

Quick Details
  • Cigar Size: 6.25  x 48 Toro
  • Wrapper:  Dominican Hybrid
  • Binder: Mexican Sumatra
  • Filler:  Multiple Country Blend

From the box, (white on the outside, blood red on the inside), to the double band (the large outer band is prescription pad that has a Rx on it), to the flavor profile, everything about this cigar is a bit unique. The larger outer band came off with no damage to the wrapper giving me a chance to examine the Dominican hybrid wrapper and the rest of the cigar. The wrapper was rolled on neatly containing only the finest of veins and the cigar was firm, not hard, the entire length.

Checking the cold aroma is something I always do and this is what started to drive me Psyko with this cigar. My initial impression of the cold aroma told me there was a dark fire cured leaf hidden inside, but after several more attempts I came to the conclusion it was more of a black tea aroma. Once I had clipped the end cap, the free cold draw sent me for the same loop. At first I thought it was tree fruit, but after several more tries I decided it was more of a sweet tea taste. I am still not 100% sure.

I set the foot on fire and then the real craziness began. In the first half I found flavors that reminded me of, sweet red dessert wine, rich Turkish blend tobacco and a light touch of oak. Around the mid point I knocked the firm gray ash since I was driving and a few more flavors developed. I experienced a splash of anise, a dash of mild black pepper and a bit of earth, with the wine and tobacco notes still present. In the last third the cigar finished with an constantly changing mix of tea, wine,  sweet tea, tobacco, earth and mild pepper giving this medium body cigar a nice long satisfying and tasty finish.

Overall, this was a fantastic cigar and had a flavor mix that I just loved. The construction, burn and presentation of this cigar were all top notch and I'll be smoking many more this year. I've never given a 20 for flavor, but this cigar earned it!! The Psyko Seven is going to make a great addition to my smoking rotation, you should give one a try.

Rated: 95

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