Friday, January 24, 2014

Sumatra Red Badger: Milton Made Coffee W/ H. Upmann Legacy Toro

As a fan of Sumatran coffee, I am excited to try this Sumatra Red Badger from Milton Made Coffee.

Quick Details
  • Roasting Company: Milton Made
  • Origin: Sumatra; Semi Washed Sumatra Red Badger TP Grade
  • Region: Desa Kerawat – Takengon – Aceh – North  Sumatra
  • Varietals: Ateng, Typica, Djember
  • Elevation: 1350 – 1500  meter
  • Process: Semi-Washed / Wet Hulled
  • Drying Process:  Sun Dried
  • Direct Farm Relationship
  • Brewing method: French Press
  • Pairing: H.Upmann Legacy Cigar
Milton Made Sumatra Red Badger Coffee
I guess those weren't really quick details since there were quite a few.  Looking at the whole Sumatra Red Badger through the bag, most of the beans have a spot or two of oil on the outside. As the bag was opened there were strong notes of coffee and cocoa, these same aromas, but stronger, filled the room once the beans were ground. After the ground beans were immersed in hot water the aromas changed to pleasant mix of cocoa and lemon grass.
Milton Made Sumatra Red Badger Coffee with H.Upmann Legacy Cigar
After steeping and being cupped, there was a nice oil sheen sitting on the coffee and there were aroma notes again of coffee and cocoa. With the first few sips, the coffee was bright, crisp and bold with a semi sweet finish. It took several sips to sort out the flavors, but the main flavor nuances were a chocolaty, woody, earthy mix of smooth flavors, that left a slight tartness of lemon grass on the palate. As always, the second cup was bolder, but even smoother, with more of a syrup like consistency chewy finish. The notes of earth and wood were a bit more prominent in this second cup.

This Sumatra Red Badger was paired with an H.Upmann Legacy cigar. The cigar had great mild flavor mix and with the coffee made a great breakfast combination. The smoothness of the cigar may have enhanced the smoothness of the coffee, but bold coffee with a mild cigar hit the spot before the Sun came up today!

Again Milton Made Coffee sets the bar. I give the Sumatra Red Badger a 5 out of 5 star rating!

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