Monday, January 20, 2014

Wisdom Sumatra

Wisdom Coffee Roasting Company

Wisdom Coffee Company Sumatra
This is a sample of Sumatra I just happened upon by chance from a local roasting company here in Spokane, WA I don't get a chance to review much of the local fare, and I am pretty happy to find this coffee.

Out of the bag the first thing I noticed was the lack of any exterior oils on the beans, however, this could be due to how it has been stored before it came to me. In the grinder the coarsely ground beans have a nice nutty, mocha aroma, the same aroma was present after the beans and water were added to the press. After steeping and pouring the first cup there was a slight oil sheen at the top and the same aromas of toast and mocha were present.

The first sip from the cup was quite rewarding. There was no bitterness or bite present and the coffee had the flavor of slightly sweet fresh bread. I also to found this first cup to be crisp and smooth. Once the second cup was poured I found it to be a bit more on the chewy side, which is always the case when using a press and there was a touch of peanuts present with the bread. With the second cup there was a mildly bitter aftertaste on the palate, but overall it was still refreshing.

This didn't seem to be a complex coffee in terms of flavors, but it was very enjoyable. I'll write the owners to see if they can provide more details on the raw coffee,

Rated 90

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