Thursday, January 16, 2014

Xikar Xi3 Titanium Spectra Cutter

Xikar Xi3 Titanium Spectra Cutter
Quick Details

Model: Xi3
Action: Double Guillotine
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: $89.99

To begin, I smoke quite a few torpedo's so the Double Guillotine cutters that I have used in the past did a fine job. Problems began when my V cutter and punches all became dull and started damaging wrappers so I switched to the Double Guillotines. 

I cut fairly shallow on parejos shaped cigars and lately many of the cigars I have been smoking are rolled pretty tight. These other cutters have been skipping over the filler and just cutting the end cap. 

Xikar Xi3 Titanium Spectra CutterWhen I pulled this Xikar Xi3 Titanium Spectra Cutter out of the box, the first thing I checked, other than how cool it looked, was the blade sharpness and it was sharp. Actually it was much sharper than any of my other cutters, in fact it is sharp enough to cut where I want to cut a cigar with no problems at. Consequently I have stopped using all my other cutters and use the Xi3 all the time now.

There are a couple of other benefits too. Xikar offers a lifetime warranty. Even if this cutter gets dull they will repair or replace it if I send it back. Next, when I registered this cutter on the website I learned that they will send me a leather sheath for it. How good is that? It doesn't get much better than a lifetime warranty and a free sheath!

Well done Xikar. I am giving this Xi3 Titanium Spectra Cutter a 10 out of 10 rating!

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