Monday, February 17, 2014

1502 Black Gold Perfecto

This review of the 1502 Black Gold Perfecto is the last of the three perfectos. Before you start asking where you can get this cigar, currently it is only available at 1502 lounges.

Quick Details

1502 Black Gold Perfecto
Construction of this cigar, like all 1502 cigars, was top notch. The firmly packed cigar was covered with a dark maduro wrapper that was rolled on with near seamless skill and it contained only the finest of veins. Feeling down the oily wrapper it was covered with a medium amount of tooth. Once both ends were clipped the aroma from the foot had notes of toast and chocolate, the free cold draw contained notes of mild black pepper and semi-sweet chocolate.

Being a perfecto the cigar was easy to light and produced a large volume of smoke right from the beginning. The first medium body draws had notes of cocoa and black pepper, but the pepper was soon replaced with notes of leather and oak. Testing the retro hale, I found it to be mild oak. As the burn moved toward the mid point, flavor notes of earth, cream, brown sugar and molasses came and went. Once the burn had reached the mid point a bit of black pepper showed up again but quickly disappeared. Once the pepper was gone the strength moved more into the full range and the flavors toward the start of a full flavored, full bodied finish. First it was oak, then molasses, followed by sweet cream, coffee, charcoal and chocolate creating my favorite "burnt mocha" finish. I thought the flavors throughout were big and bold, I never had to wonder or guess what the flavor mix was.

Burn wise, again this cigar was a winner. The burn left behind a soft looking ash that held until the middle before falling. This cigar gave me 45 minutes of smoking pleasure.

If you haven't tried any of the cigars produced by 1502 Cigars, I think you are missing out!

Rated: 95

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