Thursday, February 6, 2014

1502 Emerald Perfecto

The selection up for review today is the 1502 Emerald Perfecto and in my opinion it's another perfect breakfast time smoke. But before you go crazy asking where you can get one for yourself, the 1502 Emerald Perfecto is currently only available at 1502 lounges and this sample was provided by Global Premium Cigars.

Quick Details
  • Cigar Size: Perfecto - Box Pressed
  • Wrapper:  Corojo Habano
  • Filler: San Andres Mexico and fields from EstelĂ­ and Condega in Nicaragua
  • Cutting Method: Xikar guillotine
  • Paired with: Diet Pepsi
  • Price: Est. $7.00 - Samples provided Global Premium Cigars a member of House of Emilio

1502 Emerald Perfecto
After both ends were cut, testing the aromas from the body and foot I found a light scent of sweet toast. I found the cold draw free with notes of rich tobacco and brown sugar as the main flavors, while at the same time the wrapper left a slight sweetness on my lips. Construction wise this cigar, like all 1502 cigars, was top of the line. The Corojo Habano wrapper contained only a couple very fine veins and the wrapper was rolled on with near seamless care. Feeling the length of the body, the cigar was packed firm, but not hard, and there were no soft areas.

Once a match was put to the easy to light foot, the first flavors to hit my palate were a mild bodied blend of coffee and spicy cedar. As the burn progressed other flavors in this complex cigar came and went. I found oak, leather, brown sugar, cedar, earth, molasses, black pepper, sweet cream and more coffee. Around the mid point there were a couple draws of medium black pepper, but they quickly went away and never came back. The most memorable portion of the cigar was its finish. About half way through the band area is where the sweet cream and coffee hit their peak. The medium body finish was tasty enough that I smoked the Emerald to a half inch nub. After the cigar was done the coffee and cream left a long lingering sweet aftertaste.

The 1502 Emerald Perfecto also had a fantastic burn. As the burn progressed it left behind a soft looking light gray ash that held on until the mid point of the cigar. I was messing around and bumped the cigar which caused the ash to fall. I really think it would have held until the band had that not happened. An oil line also developed on the wrapper as the cool smoking cigar turned to ash.

Overall I thought the 1502 Emerald Perfecto was a fantastic cigar. The complexity of the flavor mix actually took me by surprise and the coffee with cream finish was superb! Hopefully this review shows the consistent quality that goes in to each cigar they produce.

Total: 95

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