Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Camacho Connecticut Robusto

I have been so impressed with these newly banded cigars from Camacho Cigars that over the next week or so I will be reviewing all the blends that are in stock at Cigar Train here in Spokane. Today, it's the Connecticut Robusto. As a side note, I used this cigar and the Criollo in a coffee-cigar pairing experiment for Cravens Coffee using their French roast blend. Cravens Coffee is a medium sized roasting company also located here in Spokane.

Quick Details
  • Cigar Size: 5  x 50 Robusto
  • Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Connecticut
  • Binder: Authentic Corojo
  • Filler: Honduran Generoso & Aleman Ligero
  • Cutting Method: Colibri Slice
  • Price: $7.99 purchased at Cigar Train

Camacho Connecticut Robusto
Take a look at the picture of the Connecticut robusto and you will see one of the reasons these Camacho cigars impress me, construction is nothing but top of the line. There are no seams or veins present in the picture and I didn't Photoshop them out. 

Checking the foot for cold aromas I found notes of toast mixed with a floral or dried tree fruit type of bouquet.  Once the cap was clipped, (the cutter I was reviewing at the time tore the wrapper, ugh), the firm but free cold draw contained flavor notes of toast and brown sugar.

Once the cigar was burning the first flavors were a mild bodied mix of oak, cream and molasses. After the first few draws I noticed a nice mild spice that lingered on the palate. This is billed buy Camacho as a mild bodied cigars, which it is, but I thought the flavors were bold, but not strong. As the burn progressed there were additional notes of coffee, cream, white pepper, cedar and a hint of anise. This stick didn't have a complex flavor profile, but it was very flavorful. With a quick retro hale I found nuances anise and cedar.

Burn wise, this cigar produced large plumes of smoke from both ends and it gave me sixty minutes of smoking pleasure. The burn was a bit wavy the first third, but was razor sharp by the cigar's mid point, where the light gray ash finally gave way.

Like I have said in all the Camacho Cigar reviews, if you haven't tried them yet you're really missing out! This is one of the top Connecticut's I've smoked.

Rated: 93

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