Monday, March 31, 2014

TrueLove-Purple Passion House Blend by Buna Mobile

Buna Mobile roasting company is a small batch roaster that specializes in roasting for fund raisers. You can find more information about their charities and fundraising on their website.  The tag-line on the Buna Mobile web site reads, "Exotic & Specialty Coffees Delivered Farm-Direct Fresh To YOU!" So, lets see if this statement holds true to the cup.

Looking at the bagged coffee you can see that every bean has an oily appearance and there are even oil smears inside the bag. As I opened the sealed bag containing the Truelove-Purple Passion House Blend of Cameroon and Java coffees, the aroma of rich of chocolate and coffee immediately hit my nose. After the coffee was ground it gave off more of a caramel and chocolate aroma. I couldn't wait to get this coffee cupped.

Doing a pour over, the ground coffee produced a nice bloom and gave off a slightly nutty aroma. Once the brewing was done the finished coffee was light, crisp and clean with a lightly syrupy finish. The flavor mix contained nuances of nuts, toast and caramel. Overall the Truelove-Purple Passion House Blend from Buna Mobile produced a nice cup of coffee.

I give this blend a 4.5 stars out 5 rating. If you get a chance, hop over to their web site.

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