Monday, April 21, 2014

Cascade Pride Sumatra Mandheling Coffee

I'm always searching for the next great cup of coffee and Sumatra Mandheling is deffenitly one of my favorites. I found this Cascade Pride Sumatra Mandheling the other day so I decided to give it a try. The Winco Foods web site only has a brief description of the coffee, but they hit it pretty close to the mark. Their site says "Sumatra Mandheling mellow flavor & full body, a smooth and earthy cup.

Cascade Pride Sumatra Mandheling Coffee
There are no origin, growing or processing details on their site so this review will be short and sweet.
The roasted Cascade Pride Sumatra Mandheling beans had a slight oily caramelization to them and they had a nice chocolate and coffee aroma from the from the bag. Once the beans were ground, the aroma changed to more of a toast and coffee mix. On the pour over the brewing coffee gave off a pleasant radiating aroma of toast.

With the first sips, I found the Sumatra Mandheling to be smooth with a hearty, syrupy mouth feel and mellow, muted flavors of caramel and toast. Perhaps, toast in the coffee world is called earthy, but it wasn't earthy like a earth would taste in a cigar. As the coffee cooled in the cup it remained smooth but took on more of a fresh baked bread flavor.

Overall, the bright, crisp flavors I expect from Sumatra Mandheling weren't there, but the smooth flavors, syrupy feel made up for it. I have consumed several cups of this now and find it to be a consistently good cup of coffee. I give this Cascade Pride Sumatra Mandheling a 4.6 out of 5 star rating.

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