Friday, April 4, 2014

Elements Uranium by Foundry Cigars

The new Elements Uranium is another cigar that I purchased just because of the cool artwork on the double bands. At the foot, the simple black band mearly shows the period table listing for uranium, but the top band show a skeleton in a radioactive field, flipping off the man (I guess).  The wooden box that contains 18 of these mammoth 7x70 cigars has a clear plastic lid with the same great design.

In the past, cigars 60 ring gauge and larger haven't performed well for me. I'm not sure if it's my smoking style or what but they almost always burn out the centers. Let's see how the this beast performed...

Quick Details
  • Cigar Size: 7  x 70
  • Blend Origins: Honduras, Nicaragua, Mysterioso
  • Cutting Method: Colibri V-Cutter
  • Paired with: Diet Pepsi
  • Price: $9.99 purchased at Cigar Train

Foundry Elements Uranium
Not only was the size of the Elements Uranium impressive, but so was the construction. It came wrapped in an oily wrapper that was nearly free of veins and it was rolled on with near seamless precision. Feeling the body it was packed well and had one minor hard patch just above the top band. Aromas from the foot were a mix of toast and spicy cedar Testing the very free cold draw I detected notes of spicy cedar and tree fruit.

While toasting this monster with my single flame jet, thoughts crossed my mind that I may have to fire up the grill to get enough flame to the foot, but I finally accomplished the task. Once it was burning it produced a large volume of smoke from the foot and big mouthfuls of medium bodied smoke flavored with black pepper, earth and toast. The pepper faded quickly leaving a mix of toast and earth for about the first inch. As the burn progressed there were other flavor nuances of oak, brown sugar, caramel, nuts, coffee and sweet cream. It was a pretty tasty flavor mix.

As the cigar burned it left behind a soft light gray ash the held on for close to two inches. The burn was a bit wavy until the mid point where it evened out without correction. At the one hour mark I still hadn't reached the mid point and I began to wonder if I had purchased the everlasting gobstopper of the cigar world.

In the end, I did have two problems with the cigar.  First, when I removed the top band I could see a small hole in the wrapper. I checked the band and it had no tobacco stuck to it, so the band must have been placed over the wrapper hole, bad, bad, bad. Eventually this hole fractured like a spider web and did become a problem, but not the worst problem. Second, in the final three inches the burn did chimney bad enough that I couldn't correct it and I ended up ditching 2 1/2" of a tasty cigar.

Overall with a 2:10 smoking time I thought the cigar was a good value for the dollar and to top it off, the flavor mix was great. If you get a chance to smoke one, I wouldn't pass it up!

Rated: 90

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