Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ethiopia Abaya Yirgacheffe by Cravens Coffee

Ethiopia Abaya Yirgacheffe by Cravens CoffeeThis Ethiopia Abaya Yirgacheffe is the final sample from my visit with Simon at Cravens Coffee. This is also one of the four samples from the cupping we did that day. It's a lighter roast, grown in the region between the town of Yirgacheffe and Lake Abaya in Ethiopia. I think it's a delicious and pretty unique coffee. Read on and find out why...

From the bag there were strong aroma notes of cocoa, coffee and blueberries. As the coffee was being ground for a pour over the aroma shifted to more of a bold chocolate, coffee mix. On the pour over, the ground coffee produced a large bloom and the strong scent of blueberries hit my nose. The aroma was fantastic!

Once the brewing process was complete, the first sips from the cup yielded a light and crisp mouthful of coffee tasting like chocolate covered blueberries. As the cupped coffee began to cool, a hint of fresh baked bread developed.

Overall this was a very enjoyable cup of coffee, it was bright and crisp with a syrupy mouth feel with strong notes of blueberries that lingered on the palate after each sip.

Rated 95

Again I would like to thank Cravens Coffee for providing this and the other samples for review!

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