Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Father Cedros Deluxe Cervantes (Double Corona)

This My Father Cedros Deluxe Cervantes has been taking a long nap, it's been in my review humidor for nearly three years now. I picked this up at a local store, one that I no longer frequent, at a price I thought at the time was pretty hefty. It's the first cigar priced over $10 that I had paid full retail for instead of picking up in a sampler. Well after that nap it must be time to wake this cigar up and see what it's all about. Also, this is my first My Father cigar so I am excited to give it a spin...

Quick Details
  • Cigar Size: 6.5  x 44 Cervantes (double corona)
  • Wrapper:  Habano-Rosado
  • Filler: Nicaraguan
  • Cutting Method: Xikar guillotine
  • Paired with: Diet Pepsi - Cravens Coffee Sumatra Mandheling
  • Price: $13.79 purchased locally
My Father Cedros Deluxe Cervantes
Well to begin, I picked this cigar up at the time because of the packaging. The band isn't flashy, but between the dual bands and being encased in Spanish cedar the My father Cedros deluxe has an elegant look that just said, "buy me." I always worry about getting a foot band free from a cold cigar, but the band and the cedar, both came off with ease and no wrapper damage.

Once everything was removed and the cigar was in full view, the quality of construction was obvious. The Habano-Rosado wrapper was rolled on with seamless care and free from all but the finest veins. There was an oily sheen to the wrapper and even a bit of bloom developing.  The cigar was packed well from head to foot and there were aromas of spicy cedar and fruit to the nose. After cutting the triple cap, the firm, but free, cold draw had a light spicy fruit taste that lingered on the palate.

Once the cigar was burning, the mild bodied smoke produced flavor notes of toast, cedar spice, fruit, coffee, anise and brown sugar with a sweet, peat, damp earth finish from the final couple of inches. This was another cigar that was smoked down to a lip burning nub.

The 70 minute burn of this Cedros Deluxe Cervantes was razor sharp leaving behind a light, dark gray, firm ash that fell around the two inch mark.

Since this is the only Cedros Deluxe Cervantes that I have smoked, I'm not really sure how the long rest affected the flavors, but I sure did enjoy it! I will grab another if I ever get the chance and compare the flavors. I do know that I need to try more My Father products, I've been missing out.

Rated: 93

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