Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cascade Pride Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee

Once again Cascade Pride offers very little for details on this Tanzanian Peaberry coffee other than calling it single origin and saying it has vibrant flavor, medium body and brews up rich and snappy. You know me, I'm always on a quest to learn and needed to know more. I see the term "single origin" on coffee quite often and assumed it meant the coffee comes from one farm in one growing region, but after a bit of research I found that's not really correct. I found a good article about single origin on coffeegeek.com if you would like to read it for yourself. Now, let's get on to the coffee...

Quick Details:
  • Light roast
  • Single origin
  • Brewing method: Pour over & auto drip
  • Grinding method: Hand burr grinder

By accident I have two different brewing methods for this review. I had ground up some of this Tanzanian Peaberry to auto drip because I thought it had already been reviewed, but later discovered that it hadn't. I have used more than one brewing method in the past to compare the results. On most samples the brewing methods don't seem to yield much of a difference, but this time it did. The different grinding and brewing methods resulted in two completely different samples.

Putting my nose to the open bag, the whole beans gave off a nice aroma of cocoa and coffee, but once the Tanzanian Peaberry was ground the aroma changed to a mix of toast and coffee.
On the pour over, the ground beans produced a nice bloom and radiated an aroma of toasted nuts. With the first sips I found the light bodied brew to be brisk with a clean, slightly sweet finish. The flavors were a muted mixture of coffee, nuts, oak and toast with a touch of citrus.

The auto drip coffee had completely different results. The first sips were medium bodied with a soft, smooth, sweet syrupiness. I found the flavors even softer and harder to distinguish. There were notes of warm bread, toast and nuts.

I thought both methods produced a good cup of coffee, but for my personal tastes, I do prefer the brightness found with the pour over. I am giving the Cascade Pride Tanzanian Peaberry a 4.7 out of 5 star rating! One final thought, I think this would be a good all day, any time coffee.

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