Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cigar Ramblings and the FDA

Over the past couple of years I've smoked some of what I think are the world's finest cigars and have enjoyed every minute of reviewing these cigars. However, I started this site as "Cheap Ash Cigar", with the intention of sharing with the "average Joe" cigar smoker which cigars give the best bang for the buck. While a lot of that still holds true since I am using a rating for price, I have moved away from the true "budget cigars,"  and I think that's a mistake. While I will continue to review premium and super premium cigars, I will add more budget cigars into the rotation. To accomplish this task I picked up a couple budget 6-packs from and will pick up more budget samplers from other retailers as I can to improve the review mix.

Now, on to something that concerns all cigar smokers. Here is a list of must read articles on the current  FDA fiasco.

Fred Reway, @Godfar of Nomad Cigar Company tells it like it is about the FDA and their proposed regulation of cigars. You can read Fred's top five concerns here.

Nomad Cigars is also sponsoring a Cigar Rights of America membership drive Contest.

Cigar Rights of America explains the effects of the proposed FDA regulations and has a link to submit your comments to the FDA.

Marvin R. Shanken of Cigar Aficionado also lets us know his thoughts on the FDA regulations here.
This is a link straight to the FDA comment page.

This matter is crucial to all of us, do what I've done. Join CRA, they are fighting for us. Comment to the FDA, they are taking away our freedoms.

Please, don't stand still and think everyone else will take care of it. Be part of the solution!

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