Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cravens Coffee Earth and Sky Blend

This coffee sample is another one from my wife's office. Once again this Earth and Sky blend sample mysteriously arrived on my home coffee bar so I figured why not give it a taste and a quick review.  Actually to be honest, I asked her to bring these samples home because Cravens is one of my favorite coffee roasters and I wanted to try it out.

Thanks again dear!

On the Cravens Coffee web site, this Earth and Sky blend coffee is billed as "full-bodied, complex".  Let's see what we find. . .

Quick Details:

Flavor Profile: Shade-grown, full-bodied, complex
Primary Origin: Organic Guatemala La Laguna
Roast: Dark / Italian
Details: Shade-grown, small-farm, certified organic
Brewing method: Pour over
Grinding method: Hand burr grinder

Earth & Sky Blend
Reviewing Cravens Coffee over the past weeks has been a fun and interesting experiance. So far each roast or blend has been quite different from any of the others.

In the bag, the oily Earth and Sky blend beans gave off a mellow smoky, seasoned firewood aroma. The aroma reminded me a bit of an early morning campfire. Once the beans were ground they gave off a more traditional nuances of coffee and cocoa with a hint of sandal wood.  On the pour over the coffee produced a nice bloom and it gave off and earthy, cocoa aroma.

The first sips were bright and crisp with a clean finish leaving my palate feeling fresh. As the coffee cooled just a bit, it became bolder with flavors of sandalwood, earth and toast, with more of a syrup like finish and a lingering aftertaste. Toward the bottom of the cup, a sweetness developed, perhaps it was a subtle amount of fruit, and the smokiness really came out.

For me, this Earth and Sky blend would make a great after dinner cup of coffee while I relax with a full bodied maduro cigar. I didn't find a magnitude of different flavors, but the shift from bright and crisp, to bold and syrupy makes this coffee pretty complex in my book.

I give this Earth and Sky blend a 4.9 out of 5 star rating.

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