Friday, May 16, 2014

Mia Dora Toro Pre Release: Emilio Cigars

Back in March, Gary Griffith, owner of Emilio Cigars, announced on From Seed to Smoke, a new cigar line. ". . .  I am pleased to announce the forthcoming release of "Mia Dora" by Emilio Cigars, dedicated to the beautiful woman I love.  Manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua by my dear friend Abdel Fernandez, the cigars, featuring a Habano Rosado wrapper and Nicaraguan filler, will be released in July, 2013 at IPCPR in Las Vegas".

My suggestion, hop over to Gary's blog, From Seed to Smoke, to read the full story about the name and the band artwork. Heck even follow the blog, it's a good read.

Once released the Mia Dora will be available in four vitolas, robusto, toro, torpedo, and corona.
This review sample was provided by Emilio Cigars and I am honored to have an opportunity to smoke this as a pre release. With that said, this cigar had such an amazing flavor mix, let's start there today. . .
Quick Details
  • Cigar Size: 6  x 50 Toro
  • Wrapper:  Habano Rosado
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Nicaraguan
  • Cutting Method: Xikar guillotine
  • Paired with: Diet Pepsi & Komodo Dragon coffee
  • Price: Estimated under $10.00

Mia Dora Toro
Once the cigar was lit, the initial flavors of tea and toast were light and mild, much like a normal Connecticut cigar. I thought to myself, "OK, this is pretty good, but nothing special", and I hopped on my phone, getting off task. Right around the one inch mark, the flavors pulled me right back to reality. I can't really say that a bold flavor blast hit me, that's not the case.  The flavor mix hit me more like discovering a new wine that is full of flavor, rewarding and something you just want to savor for hours. While enjoying this Mia Dora Toro, I found flavors of sweet tea, brown sugar, cream, coffee, coffee with extra cream and sugar, caramel, lots of caramel, raisins, molasses, roasting peanuts and even a touch of oak here and there. In fact all the flavors were here and there, here one minute, gone the next, then back a bit later. There were lots of sweet flavors in this cigar, but the sweetness wasn't over powering like a flavored cigar, they were mild, mellow and satisfying. In the final two inches this cigar finished with a medium bodied mix of toast and coffee.

Quite often I pair diet Pepsi and coffee with a review cigar. Each drink tends to skew the flavors a bit, but with the Mia Dora Toro, the flavors simply held their own and weren't influenced by the beverage. Plus, I was so wrapped up in detecting the subtle flavor shifts that I forgot to record the smoking time, but I'm pretty sure it was over an hour.

This cigar's near seamless construction was again stellar and only the finest of veins were visible in the Habano Rosado wrapper. From the cold foot there was a faint aroma of sweet tea and the free cold draw had nuances of sweet tea mixed with rich tobacco.

Overall I thought this was a fantastic cigar and I will be adding it to my smoking rotation once it's released this year.

  • Appearance and construction: 19
  • Flavor: 19
  • Smoking characteristics: 19
  • Overall experience: 19
  • Purchased Price: 18
  • Total: 94

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