Monday, May 5, 2014

PsyKo Seven Gordito by Ventura Cigar

I picked up this Psyko Seven Gordito the other day while on my weekly visit to Cigar Train. I smoked and reviewed the toro a few months ago and wanted to give this vitola a try to compare flavors. Well, yesterday while kicking back reviewing some coffee in the back yard I decided it needed paired with a cigar. After several minutes of digging through my cigar supply, I chose the Psyko Seven Gordito. The Psyko Seven in the Toro vitola was my first cigar to earn a 20 rating in the flavor category. Can the gordito match the toro? Let's find out...

Quick Details
PsyKo Seven Gordito
As with the toro, construction of this gordito was top-of-the-line. The toothy Dominican hybrid wrapper was nearly vein free and it was rolled on with near seamless skill. From the foot, I found a sweet, fruity aroma to the nose and once the cap was clipped there were smooth notes of sugary caramel.

After hitting the foot with my torch I actually said "yum" out loud. The first two mouthfuls of medium body smoke were simply delicious. I'm pretty happy no one else was in the back yard to hear me, since that sounds kind of dumb. From the first few draws the initial flavors were a tasty mix of caramel, pecans and cream. As the burn progressed several other flavors joined in, sugar, toast, sweet tea, brown sugar, campfire, oak, coffee and dried fruit.

The flavor mix of this gordito, was superb and similar to the toro, but not quite the same. It was still complex, but lacked a bit of the depth I found in the toro. Perhaps it was the combination pairing of coffee and diet Pepsi, perhaps it was the shorter length that mellowed things out just a bit. However, don't take that the wrong way, the gordito was a great tasting cigar.

I had one problem, the Rx label had a bit to much glue and I had to remove it with my knife. Normally that's no big deal, but this time it created a small wrapper crack. On the plus side, I was able to smoke through the crack without the wrapper breaking any further.

Overall I found this Psyko Seven Gordito to be another great offering from Ventura Cigar Company. It had a complex flavor mix, great construction and a fantastic burn. If you haven't smoked a Psyko seven yet you are really missing out.

  • Appearance and construction: 19
  • Flavor: 19
  • Smoking characteristics: 19
  • Overall experience: 18
  • Purchased Price: 18
  • Total: 93

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