Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reunión Aperitivo Robusto by Bodega Premium Blends

Back a few weeks I reviewed the Reunión Digestivo Double Robusto by Bodega Premium Blends and fell in love with it. Today, it's the Reunión Aperitivo Robusto. It too has the same great looking band that reminds me of the Minas Tirith flag from the Lord of the Rings. Let's see if this cigar is also a fitting smoke for the King of Gondor. . .

Reunión Aperitivo Robusto by Bodega Premium Blends

Quick Details
When I smoke a cigar, the flavor mix is my main focus. Sure it maters a bit how the cigar looks and I care about how it burns, but it's all about the flavors and the Aperitivo robusto is bursting with flavors from start to finish.

Looking at the Aperitivo robusto I see a top-of-the-line cigar with seamless construction, a wrapper that has a bit of tooth and contains only a few fine veins. Checking aromas from the foot I found mild notes of sweet tobacco and once the triple cap was clipped with my Xikar cutter, the cold draw was a sweet, sugary mix of toast and tobacco.

Another thing I like from my cigars is smoke and this cigar produced plums of smoke from the foot once it was burning. With the first few draws I found a mild bodied, spicy blend of cedar and brown sugar with a sweet, lingering aftertaste. The flavor mix wasn't super complex, but it sure was tasty. As I smoked on, there were other flavor nuances of tea, tree fruit, sweet tea, oak, toasted nuts, toast, more brown sugar, white pepper, sweet cream and even a splash of coffee.

The burn line on the Aperitivo robusto was razor sharp full length and the ash held well past the first third, plus the farther the burn progressed the more oil appeared on the wrapper.

To sum things up, I thought this cigar while not super complex, was a flavor bomb! It produced a ton of smoke from both ends and burned like a dream. If you haven't smoked the Reunión Aperitivo Robusto by Bodega Premium Blends yet, add it to your "must smoke" list. And yes, this too would be a cigar fit for the King of Gondor. . .

I would like to thank House of Emilio for providing this sample for review. Thank you.

  • Appearance and construction: 19
  • Flavor: 19
  • Smoking characteristics: 19
  • Overall experience: 19
  • Purchased Price: 18
  • Total: 94
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