Friday, June 27, 2014

Boss Lady E-Cigar by Smoker Stax

Boss Lady E-Cigar
Today we look at the Boss Lady E-Cigar from Smoker Stax.

The Boss Lady is about 6 x 46 in size with nearly the heft and feel of a cigar, it's a little heavier over all and at the foot, but can still be held in your mouth hands free. It's covered with a pink, durable wrapper; I've been holding between my teeth as I puff on it and there no signs of wear.

Since the Boss Lady is geared toward the ladies,the vapor is strawberry flavor. I'm not a real fan of anything strawberry, but this is actually pretty good. Another key point is that it produces a high volume of vapor; perhaps more than any other vaping product I have used.

With a $19.95 price tag and the unit delivering the 1800 puffs stated on the package it would save me about $35.00 compared to cigarette puffs. That's a great savings.

Rated 9.5

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