Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Camacho Diploma Figurado: Quick Review

Camacho Diploma Cigar
I picked this Camacho Diploma  up at Cigar Train a couple weeks back for $12.99. On the band it says "Begging to be taken for a spin". Well let's spin it. . .

This is a great looking cigar. It has tight seams, practicly no veins, it's packed well full length and the wrapper is a nice even maduro color. There's a mild fermented tobacco aroma from the foot that greets the nose and the free cold draw has hints of fruit and a lingering spice.

Initially there are large plumes of medium bodied smoke, remminissant of sweet read wine after a bite of chocolate. Delectable! As the cigar burned it developed a deep oil sheen and there were other flavor notes of ripe tree fruit, rich tobacco, citrus, earth, sweet cream, cocoa, oak, charcoal and a great burnt mocha finish.

By the end it moved into the full body range, it was slow and cool burning, just an overall great cigar.

Rated 94

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