Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cuban Stock Cigars Royal Selection Box-pressed Toro

I did a full review on this Cuban Stock Cigars on dangumm.com about three years back. Since Cuban Stock Cigars sent another in the latest review batch I decided to revisit the Royal Selection.

Construction of this box-pressed toro was simply flawless. Checking cold aromas there was the faint scent of nuts and toast from the foot, with toast and cocoa from the free cold draw.

Once lit there were flavors of black pepper, oak, earth, ripe fruit, and chocolate all within the first inch. Talk about a complex opening act. As the burn moved up the cigar there were other flavors of anise, charcoal, a hint of barnyard, molasses and some floral notes, with a rich, fruity, burnt mocha finish.

Well what do you know, my findings are nearly the same. This Royal Selection is just a solid cigar. You can pick this stick up for $6.20 at Atlaniccigar.com

Rated 94

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